Friday, February 26, 2010

Sabrina's Trailer Talk Radio Show

Dorothy and I were interviewed by Sabrina for her national radio talk show - "Sabrina's Trailer Talk." It was great fun; Sabrina is a lively individual, having asked us good questions about our book. She told us that all or part of the interview will be broadcast nationally. We're excited that we are advancing "going green" using more than the 3 R's - reduce, reuse and recycle (Dick Riesling says) to using renewable energy resources - SUN, WIND AND WATER.

Invited to WJFF Radio Show - "Connections" hosted by Dick Riesling

Visit WJFF Radio website, click on archives and look for "Connections" with Dick Riesling at 7:30pm, Monday night February 22, 2010 and listen to an interview Dorothy and I did with Dick. The word is traveling .... Grandma Goes Green!!! Join in the help save our world!!

Grandma Goes Green to the Sullivan County Renaissance EXPO

Dorothy and I were invited to the Sullivan County Renaissance EXPO. This project works to improve and beautify Sullivan County by extending grants to towns, hamlets, villages, schools and other not for profit organizations who wish to improve the aesthetic quality of life in our county. Lead by Sandra and Alan Gerry of Sullivan County, the Renaissance Project hosted this wonderful EXPO that promoted "going green" along with many other facets of improvement projects.

We were comfortably seated in a "fireside chat motif that allowed participants to "Meet the Authors." We are appreciative of the Renaissance Project's interest in Grandma Goes Green.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grandma Goes Green - Children's book by Lucy Smassanow & Dorothy Shaprio Illustrated by Alexi Gibson

To Order:

Email Grandma Goes Green $8.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling

Discounts for orders over 100 copies

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Grandma Goes Green by Lucy Smassanow & Dorothy Shapiro

Children's book - Grandma Goes Green by Lucy Smassanow & Dorothy Shapiro

The advent of this blog is to launch a new children's picture book titled: Grandma Goes Green by Lucy Smassanow and Dorothy Shapiro, illustrations by Alexi Smassanow, Lucy Smassanow, and Original Photos by Lee Smassanow. Written from the perspective of the grandchild, Grandma Goes Green reminds us of reducing, recycling and reusing transitioning into the idea that it is just not enough anymore to simply recycle -- we must develop renewal energy resources: solar, wind and water in order to "save the world."

My colleague and I believe that this children's book is a solution that transends culture, race, religion, and generations.Here's the background:Each of us have to figure out what our role is in helping "save our world" from the environmental plight that is a potential plague to our lives on our planet. About ten years ago I found myself speaking alot about the condition of our planet - how we don't seem to care about what we buy, consume and throw away into the landfill abyss - never really thinking about what happens to all that stuff after we simply throw it away. Our world clearly has taken the "reactive vs. proactive approach in how we collectively live our consumable lives.

Simultaneous to these thoughts, I visited a friend who offered me a "bunch" of recycled "stuff" she regularly saved and collected to spare the Sullivan County landfill. She knew the elementary school of which I was principal could use this "stuff" to supplement our arts and crafts supply budget while helping the environment.We need your help in how to create an awareness that this book exists and how we can get it into the hands of people across America and the world.